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Trying out different art styles for the ships, not sure what style I’ll go for. The red ship is done with emphasis on thick lines and contrasting colors. The idea behind that was to make the graphic look good even when zooming out and rotating. The orange ship is a render from a 3D model. Its easy to produce simple animation with 3D models, which is why I wanted to try this out. Its kinda obvious that its a 3D model though, which is not something I want.

The blue ship is drawn using simple shading and simple shapes. I like how clean it looks, and I can produce ships faster in this style than the first one. Not sure how good it looks in action though. I might consider using a 3D model to export to a sprite sheet, then drawing over the animation using the blue ship’s style. Oh, the possibilities.

Development milestones:

  1. Space ship movement
  2. Planets, gravity and camera reorientation
  3. Basic enemies
  4. Health, weapons and destruction
  5. Hook torpedo, dragging stuff
  6. GUI
  7. Ship variants, ship upgrades, more weapons
  8. Environments, asteroid fields
  9. Battle stations, planetary bases, advanced enemies
  10. Mission structures
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